Kitchen Trends for 2019

If your looking to redecorate or renovate your home in 2019, I would like to tell you about some current trends in Kitchen Design before you begin to move forward.

  1. Full tile backsplash feature walls…Attention-grabbing backsplash tile is nothing new in well designed kitchens. We’ve seen colorful geometric and quirky patterns show up in a lot of kitchens for years now. But what I’m seeing now more of lately is an interest in taking the tile from countertop to ceiling, including behind floating shelves and flanking range hoods to create a striking feature wall. The idea aligns with some broader trends as well. Half of homeowners are opening up their kitchens to interior spaces and the most popular kitchen layout is the L-shaped. This openness means the kitchen is always on display and therefore in need of a good focal point. A full tile feature wall draws your eye in whether a shimmer and texture with something like a simple white subway tile or through bold color and pattern as with a geometric design.
  2. Window walls…Cabinet design has become much more efficient in recent years. Deep drawers on perimeter and base cabinets that bring items at the back of the cabinets out into the open means that fewer kitchen cabinets are needed overall. In response, designers and homeowners have shifted to removing upper cabinets on a least one kitchen wall, often to create an expansive window wall that can deliver views and abundance of natural light.
  3. Wood on wood…Many of the most popular kitchens feature lots of wood, and its easy to see why. Wood adds loads of warmth and character, and it pairs well with whites and grays, two of the most popular kitchen colors for walls and cabinets. Wood also adds charm that aligns with the trend towards farmhouse style, which has been gaining much popularity.
  4. Quartz countertops…Engineered quartz was finally crowned the most popular countertop material in 2018 following a three-year decline in granite. The natural stone and resin material is incredible durable and can visually mimic the look of more expensive and maintenance -heavy materials like marble and slate.
  5. Black is back…Ok, its not like black ever went away, it’s just that homeowners are more open to really taking a chance on embracing a heavy dose of the dramatic color in their kitchens.

Are you ready to start creating an inspiration for your new Kitchen? Reach out for your free consult and we can begin the process of designing a fresh new space that reflects all the new Kitchen trends for this year.