Kristen Holst

We had completely redone our kitchen without a designer….it came out amazing but it was way too much work and stress for a non-professional designer. But it is within a great room and therefore we needed to redesign the family room now. So this time, we hired a decorator and we really got blessed. Cheri Davis is a fantastic professional to work with. She goes above and beyond the call of duty, devoting more time to the project than you would expect (one of the reasons we really liked her). But she’s ethical, kind, and listens to your opinion. Sometimes she pushes you in a direction you might not be comfortable with and that can be a good thing. But she is also willing to listen when you have a certain idea – whether it’s good or not. Cheri integrated her thoughts and design expertise with our amazing kitchen perfectly and we just couldn’t be happier. She made our house much more of a ‘home’!!! Thank you Cheri for all that you did – especially the big reveal! Can’t wait for you to post some of your fantastic work. And we look forward to working with you in the future.